Case Study: Chivas USA Soccer


Ever since Chivas USA joined Major League Soccer, their marketing efforts had been solely dedicated to the Latin fan base. Although a very successful endeavor, their efforts were limited as the scope of their reach was still missing a considerable portion of the Los Angeles DMA.


O’Brien Marketing was hired to lead Chivas USA’s first entrance into English-language media in an effort to attract non-Latino fans.  O’Brien’s mission was to integrate Anglo fans from neighborhoods where interest in the sport runs high.  This was a marketing strategy Chivas USA had not yet explored in the history of their young franchise.  O’Brien created a marketing mix that included television, radio and print.  They strategically devised a campaign and with each media outlet, they negotiated favorable rates and an advertising schedule on behalf of the team.  The goal was to establish a long term relationship with each media outlet for which they could grow with them in the long term.


O’Brien Marketing has played an integral role in helping Chivas USA grow their game attendance by over fifteen percent. Their services to Chivas USA have expanded far beyond media planning and buying for the regular season but also with International tournaments, friendlies and playoffs. In addition, Chivas USA has leaned upon O’Brien to assist in corporate sponsorship sales and marketing efforts.  In 2009, they helped secure over $250,000 in sponsorship revenue for Chivas USA and O’Brien’s role will expand even further in 2010 as they assist in selling the front of the team’s jersey.


Prior to O’Brien Marketing

  • Media campaign targeted only to Hispanic fans
  • Decline in fan base
  • Sponsorship portfolio stagnant

Now with O’Brien Marketing

  • Media campaign reaching both Hispanics and general market
  • 15% increase in attendance
  • Increase in sponsorship revenue with non-traditional companies